James Armstrong- 2015 Tobago News- Shaw Park Opening


20 May, 2015

Inspiring  art exhibition

artist Jenelle Carrington and mom Shirley look on at one of the pieces on display.

The Inaugural Visual Arts Exhibition was held at the Shaw Park Cultural Complex on Sunday.

It marked the official launch of the Art Collection Catalogue, which features pieces from several local artists, will be on display at the Complex for the next two and a half months.

The exhibit features art from as early as 1805. In what is being touted as the largest art exhibition in Tobago, artwork full of colours and emotions decorated the walls of the complex as well as several seats in four separate rooms.

At the launch, Tobago’s Chief Secretary Orville London boasted of the flexibility of the complex, noting that almost any event can be held there.  

The paintings included picturesque views of the island, landmarks, and famous people. Chris Thomas, and art teacher at Speyside High School, believes that art in Tobago is still in its early stages. Thomas has produced one of the best art students on the island, but admits it’s a very challenging task.

Randall Fulchan a Trinidadian artist painted a portrait called Slavers. Not only was it dark in colour, but the painting carried deep historical value on the harsh reality of slaves being slaughtered or used as bait.

There were also sculptures by Ronald Rodney, President of the Tobago Visual Arts Association and Mosaic stained glass by Les Coteaux based artist Stephanie Pile.

“Inspiring,” is how Nigel Barto described the pieces. Barto, an observer, thought that this would now attract a different crowd as opposed to the performing arts.



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